Black washbasin faucet

There are not many bathrooms that have a black washbasin faucet and we just happen to have a large range of these beautiful black faucets in stock. These are available in many sizes and shapes from €161,- We imagine you will surely have many compliments coming from guests in your home because these ‘black pearls’ are sturdy, robust and stand out in their black colour.


We sell wash basin faucets made by Meir, an Australian brand. World wide there are only 5 countries that can supply this brand and Mastello is the only official supplier in Europe. These products are available nowhere else, so take advantage of this scarcity to get a unique product. Meir products stand out for their massive brass construction and their industrial look and they are easy to clean thanks to their smooth surface finish. Order a black wash basin faucet and it will be delivered in under 10 days, and without extra costs!

Pure craftsmanship

Meir products were designed by only the best Australian architects with the highest standards with as result a gorgeous and sleek design. With ceramic internal discs and the outside finished in black matte, this can only be called top quality craftsmanship. Apart from this we offer some amazing guarantees. A 10 year guarantee on the black kitchen faucet use, 3 years on the internal discs and 1 year on parts.


Often we do not realize how important a durable finish can be for a wash basin faucet, as these are used so extensively. Our products have a durable electroplate finish. Where most brands use a traditional way of finishing like powder coating, Meir opts to give their products an electroplated finish which is a strong smooth surface coat that is invulnerable to rust or damage. If any of our products somehow do get a scratch, it can easily be camouflaged by using a black marker! It’s that simple! This is a durable choice!

Make an appointment

Do not hesitate to drop by our show room so you can see our gorgeous products with your own eyes. We are also available on appointment on the weekends and on week days in the evenings, so you can browse our show room. Please contact us by phone on +3135-7502882 if you want to make an appointment or if you have any other questions. You can also send an email to: if you have already made a choice, simply order directly online.