Meir kitchen black matte/basinmixertap 04

Meir kitchen black matte/basinmixertap 04


This black matte mixertap combines style and functionality. The massive construction of the tap with an industrial design adds style to your kitchen. The handle grip also includes a mixer. The tap can rotate 360 degrees, has internal ceramic discs and a water efficiency of 6,5 liter per minute. The faucet has an electroplated finish, which is an advantage over a spray coat or powder coating. This durable finish makes a strong clean top coat. The top coat will not flake over time as with a powder coat. Any scratch on the top coat can be camouflaged with a black marker. This faucet brings longevity and quality in your home.

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BrandMeir Black
Warranty domestic use10 year
Warranty cartridge (for mixer products)3 year
Warranty parts and labour1 year
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Manual InstallationsDownload hier
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The majority of our products’ warranty can be defined as:

10 years – Domestic use
12 months – Parts and Labour
3 years – Cartridge (for mixer products)

Care instructions:
Do not use any chemical-based cleaners or rough surface materials such as scourers.
Only use a soft cloth with warm soapy water.

The warranty specified is for use in Australia and NZ. Countries outside of Australia and NZ may have varied plumbing regulations that do not meet the same high standards in Australia and therefore we cannot warrant parts and labour for all international orders.

We strongly suggest that a licensed tradesman installs all plumbing items. If an item is installed by a non-licensed person, your product warranty and possibly home & contents insurance may be void. If there are any damages caused during installation, a licensed plumber is responsible to pay for those damages.

Do not use any harsh chemicals or rough surface materials such as scourers or adhesive tape.

A soft cloth with warm soapy water will keep the matte finish in new condition and will ensure your warranty is maintained.

Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a dry powder. The powder coating does not require a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in a liquid suspension form. The coating is typically applied electrostatically and is then cured under high heat temperatures. The powder may be a thermoplastic or a thermoset polymer.

Powder coating is sensitive in terms of wear and tear and generally comes with a limited 1 year warranty, however if you take good care of your products, the finish will last for years to come.

Electroplating is a process that uses electric current to dissolved metal to form a metal coating.

Electroplating is harder wearing than powder coating, which is why Meir Australia uses the Electroplating process for over 95% of products.

Although Electroplating is more durable than powder coating, it is not scratch proof and care should be taken when cleaning and handling the products – just like chrome tapware.

WaterMark™ is a product quality certification mark provided by independent certifying authorities in Australia and New Zealand. It confirms the product complies with the Plumbing Code of Australia & New Zealand and the relevant Standards, which relate to product quality, including health and safety, and warrant that it is fit for purpose.

WaterMark™ certification is mandatory for products to be legally installed in accordance with state and territory plumbing regulations. Products required to be certified are listed in the Plumbing Code and AS3500.000.

WaterMark certification is your guarantee that you are purchasing a high quality product, suitable for Australian and New Zealand conditions, which can be legally installed in your home.

The process to gain certification involves a detailed audit of the tapware factory. An applicant must demonstrate adherence to a strict quality control program for the supply of materials and the manufacturing process. The products themselves are also subjected to chemical analysis, strength testing and endurance testing (where, for example, the tap valves are opened and shut 50,000 times).

It is only after passing all of these audits that WaterMark certification is granted.

Like most things, black tapware will scratch if you try hard enough, however if you don’t abuse your tapware and follow simple care instructions, the black finish on your products can last for a lifetime and look at good as the first day you purchased it.

Black tapware tends to look better over the years as the electroplated coating resists soap scum and mould better than the chrome counter-party.

Unlike chrome, the matte black finish reduces the reflective elements such as lighting, so things like fingerprints are actually less noticeable.

Powder-coated products may scratch easier than electroplated products, so please take additional care if you have purchased a powder-coated item.

Care instructions:
Do not use any harsh chemicals or rough surface materials such as scourers. Use a soft/microfiber cloth with warm soapy water to clean your matte black products.

As we regularly design and introduce new products, our photography shoots on our black finish products can lag behind, and in these cases, we use either digital images of products photos from studios with different lighting which causes some products to look like they have a different colour than another.

Rest assured that all of our items undergo the same universal finishing process via electroplating. The plating process in nature also produces some slight variations in the finish as the vats are emptied and reused over and over again with other colours.

Meir products are available for use in most Europen homes.

Currently, European orders are being processed by our Australian website ( or through our Netherlands distributor (

International customers should provide product technical specifications to their builder, plumber or architect to ensure that products comply with your local plumbing fittings and sizes, particularly showers and spouts.

Specification drawings can be obtained from each item under the “specifications” tab.

Showers and spouts may require additional in-wall components depending on the setup and installation needs. Meir can supply these fittings below:

  • Basin with spout
  • Shower with tails
  • Shower without tails

Meir has attained the world renowned WaterMark and WELS certification in Australia, which ensures quality fixtures and ensures water efficiency. Please check with your local trade professional should you require any local standard such as WRAS, UPC or SABS.

Meir’s mixer tapware products are designed to withstand high pressure while still allowing low-pressure systems to function.

Mains pressure systems are required; i.e. no gravity-fed or water-tank systems are compatible.

The recommended water pressure range is:

  • Australia: 100 kPa minimum – 1,000 kPa maximum.
  • Other countries: 1 Bar minimum – 100 Bar maximum.

Meir tapware should not be used for pressures outside of this range as they will not function as intended and may void warranties.

If unsure, please consult your builder, plumber, architect or trade professional before making a purchase.


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